Iron sulfate

Bivalent iron sulfate

Sulfate Ferro is a compound with a chemical formula FeSO4.7H2O which can be produced in the form of blue or green crystals, depending on PH. Normally, there are 7 molecules of water in the composition of iron sulfate, and in case of getting dry, it loses 6 molecules of water and changes to a single white water (mono hydrate) powder. Iron sulfate is a component of raw material for fertilizer production. The amount of iron sulfate in cereals and fruit trees varies depending on the type of product and soil type. For example, pistachio trees that grow in salt marsh have the highest amount.

Trivalent iron sulfate

Ferric sulfate with the chemical formula Fe2(SO4)3  is produced in yellow and brown, usually found less in the market, and is mainly used for purifying water and sewage also as pigment.

Iron sulfate is one of the most consumable chemicals. Germany and England in Europe and China and India in Asia are the world's leading manufacturers of this substance. Of course, the manufacturing method differs in the developed countries with the third world countries, since they are produced and condensed from large steel mills factories wastewater. In China, for example, mineral processing such as Titanium Oxide is used. Iran also has a lot of production units in Zanjan, Isfahan, Qom, Tehran and Kerman provinces because of its high demand for iron sulfate. In addition to domestic consumption, part of the product produced in Iranian factories is exported to neighboring countries, including Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Pakistan and Tajikistan.



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